I have to ask you again about your former side Liverpool, obviously back in the Champions League this year. Do you think they’ve got good chances going into the Champions League?


Iker and Sergio after the game against Atlético Madrid 24.05.14


This Moments come to my mind in every time i hear or read these words Champions League , because i know my team have that kind of the champions.

Thank You Sergio Ramos


  • La Decima best moments 5/

"It took a lot time for us to win la Decima, but only we know how hard we have fought to give joy to our fans" - Marcelo

Cris & Luka before the second half kicks off | 16.09.2014


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raeych asked Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller or Benedict Cumberbatch

"I’m Sherlock Holmes, I am a temporarily suspended consultant for the NYPD."
"The name’s Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221b Baker Street."